Why Rent A Laser Machine ?

  • Get the latest technology without the investment
  • Offer new procedures
  • No maintenance worries
  • We Handle It All, Deliver & Set-up
  • Daily, Weekly & Custom Rental Plans

No Maintenance Costs

When opting to Rent our Laser equipment, the need for maintenance, repairs and keeping the equipment in proper working order is no longer your responsibility.
We maintain our lasers, making sure they are always in proper working order.
Should the equipment malfunction for any reason, we will have our qualified technicians fix the equipment for you at no extra cost.

Rental Solutions That Help Grow Your Business


Renting laser equipment is the perfect way to offer laser hair removal treatments and add revenue without the out of pocket cost or risk of laser ownership.

No Financial Risk


Without paying thousands of dollars out of pocket for each individual laser that will most likely be outdated in the near future anyway, renting lasers gives you the freedom to trade up and always have the newest lasers on hand.

What's included in the Rental?


  • Transportation costs involved in the pickup and delivery of the laser system.
  • Two safety eye-wear goggles.
  • Client Consent Forms.

Lasers Rentals can be scheduled for:


  • Full Day Rental(s)
  • Weekly Rental(s)
  • Weekend Rental(s)


MLC LASER & RENTALS does not require long term contracts to rent a cosmetic laser, and does not have any hidden costs to the rental fees.